We provide a full range of automatic metering solution resources for various applications based on technology "Matrix AMM" and "Addax IMS"
Matrix AMM

Matrix AMM integrated solution

Teletec presents its new Matrix AMM integrated solution for different types of customers.
Matrix AMM is modern turn-key integrated solution. 
We can control, monitor and collect data from various types of power, water, gas and heat 
meters. Matrix AMM is cost-effective scalable solution from Distribution Utility to residential customer.
Matrix AMM can be part of future Smart Grid infrastructure thanks to its powerful modern 
communication capabilities. Matrix AMM uses a wide variety of digital communication interfaces:

  Power Line Communication (FSK, S-FSK);
  Wireless Radio Feeder IEEE 802.15.4;
  RS 485;
  M-Bus (optional) ;
  IR-port (IEC61107).


Matrix AMM uses own Teletec and industrial open DLMS/COSEM protocols. Teletec protocol library is free for AMM Solution integrator, software developers. It is cost-effective solution for small and medium sized customers. Open protocol DLMS/COSEM based matrix AMM solution provides interoperability and easy
integration to multi-vendor platforms.