We provide a full range of automatic metering solution resources for various applications based on technology "Matrix AMM" and "Addax IMS"
Router MTX RT-6L


  technical desription

Data Concentrator/Router MTX RT 6L

MTX RT is the basis of MATRIX AMM communication subsystem. MTX RT Router provide data exchange between MTX power meters or MTX interface converters and Matrix AMM DATABASE SERVER. It allows read, collect information and data from multiple meters and forwarding them to the utility. MTX RT Router installation site is two transformer substation 0,4KV or electrical connection to the building. 

Communication capabilities
Communication channel between Server and Router:
  • LAN
Between Router and Meters:
  • PLC (Power Line Connection 0.4 kV, Teletec SFSK, FSK)
  • RF IEEE 802.15.4  (2,4 GHz)
  • RS485
  • M-Bus (optional)
Functional capabilities
  • Different bus section Power Supply automatic switching
  • OS Linux
  • Several replaceable interface converters
  • USB port
  • External GPRS-antenna
  • Protection degree  IP51
  • 12V backup power supply