Joobe Cabinet Controller – Jooby JC1

The product is designed for automatic or remote (from the control room) control of street lighting networks and lighting installations of industrial buildings, structures, territories of any objects with any light sources.

Recognition of Jooby JC1

The Jooby JC1 control cell of the electric current distribution cabinet is a complete low-voltage device for controlling the operation of luminaires. The cell is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of DSTU EN 60439-1 and GOST 22789, and also meets the requirements of the Technical Regulations for Low-Voltage Electrical Equipment and the Technical Regulations for Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment.

Given the urgent need to save energy, the control cell is an ideal solution for forced energy savings of its own production, which at low cost makes it easy to save on street lighting and manage savings. The control cell easily makes it possible to plan and quickly make decisions about outages, respond to changes in outage schedules, control and switch on and off individual or all networks that may have (in them) an unlimited number of luminaires.

To save electricity consumption by the city’s street lighting, there is no need to install new expensive luminaires, just use the Jooby cell for scheduled shutdowns and effectively reduce consumption costs.

Why it is beneficial to use Jooby JC1

  • A secure solution with a high level of protection against unauthorized intrusion into the software environment.
  • Ergonomic design of the controller in a DIN-rail housing with quick-release connectors.
  • Configuration flexibility (a large number of voltage monitoring points and interfaces, visualization of the current cabinet layout and display of its changes).
  • A cross-platform web application with a simple, modern interface.
  • Advanced measurement functions (determination of more than 40 power supply parameters, technical and commercial energy metering).
  • Ability to integrate with the ACS – a channel for direct access from the ACS to the meter, which allows you to use a multi-zone tariff in calculations.
  • Modern communication solutions – GPRS, LoRaWAN, WiFi, with remote antennas, fast communication response in real operation.

Composition of the solution of the outdoor lighting control cabinet (OLC)

  • The Jooby Cabinet Controller is a control device for the control panel.
  • The control panel of the control cabinet consists of a control device and auxiliary electrical equipment mounted in a metal box.
  • The JCC software package, which includes a Web application for the outdoor lighting system dispatcher, scalable configuration (many voltage control points and interfaces).
  • The control device is designed to interact with the Matrix AMM electricity meter, which performs measuring and accounting functions.

Cabinet control panel (CCP)

A controller in a metal box designed to control the I-710 type cabinet. The cell contains a set of additional equipment necessary to perform all monitoring and control, security, and other functions.

  • Metal case
  • Jooby Cabinet Controller
  • Backup power supply battery
  • Optional communication module for integration with AMR
  • Intermediate contactors
  • Lightning protection unit
  • Surge protective relay
  • Phase selection relay
  • Door opening sensor
  • External antennas for radio interfaces

 Power management

Sets the mode of switching on/off the lamps, switching on/off according to the approved astrological calendar, and switching off some of the lamps at night.

User-friendly user interface

Jooby Cabinet Control is a new generation of software for monitoring and controlling power grids, with a simple, lightweight, yet functional user interface design.

  • A cross-platform Web application that can be launched in a browser on any device – from a PC to a smartphone.
  • An interactive mnemonic diagram of the cabinet that displays its actual configuration and status.
  • Interactive maps of the location of enforcement points, with expandable functionality.
  • Different interface themes.

Management of executive points