Jooby RDC Dashboard

Software for collecting and transmitting data on the consumption of all types of resources and device operation.

Mobile solution for remote readings collection

  • Access to data on all metering devices in real time.
  • Convenient download of consumption and device status reports in CSV format.
  • Event notification: disconnection, magnet, unauthorized removal, low battery.
  • Flexible management of locations and device types.
  • Separate card for each metering point with readings history and data on the meter, device and consumer.
  • Event log: notifications and error messages from devices and the network.

Jooby RDC Dashboard is a software service that allows you to remotely collect, control, manage, transmit, archive and consolidate data on the consumption of all types of resources from radio modules for Jooby gas, water and heat meters, MTX electricity meters, as well as report on the functional status of devices.

We have developed a ready-made service for utilities that supports all types of resource metering devices (electricity, water, gas, heat), which provides quick access to device and network status data, as well as reports on resource consumption in the form of graphs. This allows you to optimize the process of processing readings, receive 100% payment for consumption, and effectively save natural and labor resources.

Installer application

The Jooby app, available for Android, allows you to activate the radio module. The metrics and accumulated data are automatically transferred to the server and the Jooby RDC Dashboard.