Jooby LoRaWAN modules for gas, water, heat metering

The radio modules are designed to automatically take readings from gas, water and heat meters and transmit them to the metering system via a wireless LoRaWAN® network.

Jooby RDC LoRaWAN Retrofit

Jooby RDC LoRaWAN radio modules for remote metering of resources from gas, water, and heat meters are an ideal solution for the utility sector, developed and manufactured by the leading manufacturer TeleTec.

The main advantage is a full in-house equipment production cycle and customization of the solution to any technical requirements of the project at the request of the client, project support and warranty service.

The solution has wide possibilities for adaptation to different conditions and integration requirements, can be used for different types of facilities, is easy to implement and has a long operating range without physical intervention.

Benefits of Jooby RDC


Thanks to the radio modules, resource and management companies, developers, condominiums and enterprises can fully automate the process of collecting readings and automatically receive accurate data on gas, water and heat consumption.


Remote acquisition of timely data and its control allow for detailed analysis of resource consumption and the creation of an efficient economic infrastructure for gas, water, and heat consumption.


Maximum protection against hacking of each device, unauthorized intrusion and introduction of third-party devices, magnetic and electromagnetic effects, theft of resources and data.


100% remote receipt of consumption data allows for accurate and timely billing, reducing the cost of resource accounting and the need for physical readings by inspectors.

Who is the Jooby RDC solution for?


Reduces the cost of resource accounting, receives 100% of consumption data, enables accurate billing and timely payment.


They implement remote metering of consumption without the need to hire inspectors and physically collect readings, receive real-time reports and balance sheets for facilities or a group of facilities, and increase the company’s profit.


The developer gains a strategic and innovative advantage over competitors, can increase the cost per square meter, improves the comfort and modernity of its facilities, and establishes trust and the ability to effectively manage resource consumption in advance.


Saves resource consumption, reduces usage costs, effectively monitors the consumption of remote facilities, balances costs and eliminates expenses, increasing profits and energy productivity of processes


The ability to scale business, expand the unique technical assortment produced in Ukraine, short implementation and return on investment, simple and fast implementation of IoT solutions.


Each subscriber can achieve automation of the process of obtaining resource consumption readings in their own home or several homes, for example, when renting out, and precise control of consumption remotely.

Radio modules Jooby

Radio module for gas meters Elster, Metrix, Samgas

The radio modules are used for automatic metering of common meter models Elster, Metrix and Samgas. Remote data metering, with a customizable data transmission frequency, takes place over a LoRaWAN® wireless network.

Radio module for water meters

The radio modules are designed to remotely poll and receive consumption data from popular budget models of water meters Novator, Powogaz, Baylan, Hydrotek, KV 1.5 Lutsk and transmit them to the metering system via a LoRaWAN® wireless network.

Universal pulse radio module Jooby RM

Jooby RM is a device for reading and monitoring meter readings with pulse output from gas, water, and heat meters. On request, the radio module is equipped with sensors for calculating readings from mechanical meters. It is connected using an interface cable with a template.

How the radio module works

– The device is installed on the meter body and fixed with a standard fastener.

– Then the device is activated in the installer’s mobile application. The whole process takes a few minutes and does not require removal of the meter.

– The pulse counter receives data from the meter using a magnetic field sensor that records the revolutions of the meter dial. When one full revolution of the dial is made, the sensor detects the magnetic field, generates a pulse and sends it to the base station via the LoRaWAN® wireless network.

– Then the data with the readings is transmitted from the base station to the server (via Ethernet, 3G or 4G channels).

– For reliability, the data is stored in its own non-volatile memory – 2 months (hourly consumption); 1 year (daily consumption).

– Data can be transferred from once an hour to once a day, depending on the client’s wishes.

– The device is powered by a built-in high-capacity battery with a service life of 5 to 15 years.

Jooby RDC Dashboard software


A service for collecting and processing data on the consumption of all types of resources. Allows you to get accurate and timely information about resource consumption, ways to save them and the status of metering devices.

A universal solution

This is a full-fledged software service for corporate clients to manage utility consumption of all types of resource metering devices – electricity, water, gas, heat. The service provides quick access to device and network status data, as well as visual reports on resource consumption in the form of graphs, which allows you to optimize the process of processing readings for billing based on accurate data.