Lighting control program Jooby CMS

The Jooby Street Lighting system is managed by the cloud-based Jooby CMS developed in Switzerland. The solution is easy to scale from the level of a single facility to an entire city.

Modern and user-friendly interface of Jooby CMS

All Jooby Smart Lighting Solutions are controlled by the Jooby CMS software developed in Switzerland. Jooby CMS allows you to control one or more luminaires.

Devices can be found and selected either by their location using the map view or by name from the list. They can be combined into groups for easier management.

Thanks to the web interface, users only need a browser and a personal account to access the system. No additional software download or installation is required. Access and control can be performed from both a PC and a smartphone.

The luminaires periodically send data reports to Jooby CMS, including various parameters of their operation (power consumption, total power consumption, brightness level, supply voltage, current consumption), motion detection statistics, light level, and much more.