Modern LED lamp Jooby Luna

Luna is a new development by TeleTec, ideal for outdoor lighting of various landscapes – pedestrian areas, streets, roads, parking lots and highways.

Street lamp Jooby Luna

– Luna has an excellent lumen/watt ratio, offering high performance and energy efficiency at an affordable price.

– Luna allows you to shorten your payback period and maximize your return on investment, with the ability to connect to smart city systems.

– Luna features a universal cantilever mounting assembly and large cooling fins for perfect heat dissipation, withstands high ambient temperatures, and has an IP66 rating.

Easy installation

– Scale V is for vertical installation of the bracket.

– The angle of inclination of the luminaire is indicated by the teeth on the bracket.

– The inclined bracket mounting unit has a scale for setting the angle of the luminaire.

– The H scale is for horizontal installation of the bracket.

Luminaire position

– The luminaire is mounted on a vertical support (floor lamp) in the position of 45 – 95 degrees or cantilever (at an angle) in a horizontal position of 5 – 45 degrees.


– The robust and durable body is made of EN 47100 aluminum alloy, sulfation treated, and coated with durable powder paint.

– Safety glass compliant with IK09, with an extended service life.

Access to the driver bay

– Keyless access and connection in the luminaire body (no external power cable).

Access to the components of the luminaire

– Easy access to luminaire components during installation and maintenance.

– The luminaire cover hangs vertically downwards under the weight of the front part (heavy glass).

– The lid opening angle limiters do not allow the lid to be opened more than 90 degrees.

– All elements of the luminaire are clearly visible.

– The top lid opening angle limiter restricts the lid opening to an angle of approximately 90 degrees.

– The stop also prevents the top cover from detaching, as the hinges remain securely engaged in this position

Natural cooling of the luminaire

В конструкції світильника оптимізовано розподіл тепла у матеріалі корпусу та теплообмін з навколишнім простором, оптимізована форма, висота, крок, форма та перетин ребер для кращого охолодження, а також створене спеціальне розширення ребер у точці примикання до корпусу, що покращує циркуляцію повітря та теплообмін і захищає від накопичення бруду між ребрами.

NEMA and Zhaga control modules

– NEMA devices can be installed on the top cover.

– Zhaga devices can be installed on the top or bottom cover (when installing the Zhaga module with a radar motion detector).

General characteristics of the Jooby Luna

The flow of light Up to 150 lm/W
Power, W 30, 45, 60, 75, 85 , 100, 125 Вт.
Manufacturer of LEDs Cree
Light temperature 2700-6500К
Lens material Acrylic, polycarbonate
Level of protection IP66
Installation On a console or vertical support ø40-65 mm, adjustable tilt angle