Jooby Smart Lighting Solution

Комплексне рішення для інтелектуального вуличного та промислового освітлення, що включає світильники, датчики руху, керуюче програмне забезпечення Jooby CMS та компоненти мережевої інфраструктури

Advantages of Jooby Smart Lighting Solution

Reduced energy costs by up to 80%

Savings thanks to modern LED luminaires and an efficient control system.

Smart ready

Upgrading the luminaire to Smart during operation without dismantling, the possibility of updating the equipment

Reduced service costs

No need to replace lamps, long service life due to monitoring of each luminaire.

Gaining additional profit

Monetization opportunities due to additional functions (traffic data collection, IoT network subleases, etc.)

Jooby Avenue lamps

Console lamps

LED console lamps are designed for street lighting of highways, open areas, adjacent territories, gas stations. They can be equipped with a motion sensor and a light sensor. Also, when the control board is installed, the luminaire is included in the control system, displayed on the map, and provides a number of parameters and remote control. It can operate in automatic mode with an astrological calendar or in manual on/off mode.

Suspended lamps

These luminaires can be installed in places where a street lighting pole cannot be installed, and they are installed by placing them on a cable. The luminaire blends in harmoniously and is suitable for lighting the central historical streets of old towns, narrow streets or streets with tram and trolleybus lines.


Outdoor LED floodlights provide a powerful, directional light output and are used to create the right lighting for large areas that meets international standards. Thanks to a wide range of power output and different types of lenses, our floodlights have successfully proven themselves in lighting large industrial facilities, sports fields and stadiums, construction sites and parking lots.


Jooby controllers allow you to control third-party devices and integrate them into our software for flexible system management. They are also designed to integrate LED luminaires from other brands to build a shared Smart city.