National manufacturer of electrical equipment for Smart city

Areas of production

IPTV/OTT solutions

Modern hardware and software for the IPTV/OTT business. Thousands of suppliers in more than 150 countries use MAG set-top boxes and our software for their projects

Smart street lighting

Energy-efficient LED luminaires Jooby Avenue and Jooby Luna with smart features. They work independently or as part of the Jooby CMS remote control system

Remote accounting of resources

Radio modules for automatic metering and transmission of consumption data for water, gas, heat and electricity meters based on LoRaWAN® technology

Electricity meters

Smart multi-tariff electronic single-phase electricity meters MTX, as well as three-phase meters for direct and transformer connection with LoRaWAN, PLC, TWI, GSM modules

About the company

TeleTec™ is a modern manufacturer of electrical equipment for Smart City solutions for remote metering of gas, water and heat, ranks 2nd among national manufacturers of electricity meters and is among the TOP-3 manufacturers of street lighting fixtures in Ukraine.

The company is also a leading manufacturer of IPTV/OTT equipment, exporting its products to more than 150 countries. All products are developed by the company’s own design bureau, manufactured and assembled at TeleTec’s production complex in Odesa, Ukraine.

Telecommunication Technologies LLC (TeleTec™), a part of the Infomir group of companies, is the owner of the Matrix AMM, Jooby, MAG brands and has its own additive industrial 3D printing line.

About the products

The company produces three main product lines. The first one is radio modules for gas, water and heat meters, designed to automatically read and transmit meter readings to a LoRaWAN® wireless metering system. All data on resource consumption is available in the Jooby RDC Dashboard software in the form of reports.

The second is the Jooby Avenue smart energy-efficient LED luminaires for street lighting, which has its own software for dimmability and control. They work autonomously or as part of the Jooby CMS remote control system.

The third is MTX multi-tariff electricity meters with load management, three-level protection against burglary, magnetic and electromagnetic interference, and third-party connection. All products are developed by our own design bureau, manufactured and assembled at two production facilities of TeleTec, Odesa, Ukraine.


More than 20

years on the market

More in 151

countries of the world are represented

More than 500

professional employees

More than 4500

large completed projects

More than 500K

satisfied customers

More than 5M

units of products sold

Product categories

Street lighting Jooby Smart Lighting Solution

A complete solution for intelligent street and industrial lighting, including luminaires, motion sensors, control software (CMS) and network infrastructure components. The use of smart street lighting brings direct financial benefits, reducing energy costs, maintenance costs due to the absence of lamp replacement, and the need for repair crews due to the constant monitoring of each luminaire.

Jooby radio modules for gas meters

Jooby devices are designed to automatically take and transmit readings from Elster, Metrix, Samgaz gas meters to the metering system via a wireless LoRaWAN network. The system allows you to remotely read monthly readings of gas meters and gas correctors, calculate customer consumption, as well as the balance of gas along gas supply lines, to detect and prevent illegal consumption. All data on resource consumption is available in the Jooby RDC Dashboard software in the form of reports.

Optical radio modules for water metering

Optical radio modules are compatible with low-cost models of water meters and are designed for remote metering and consumption of cold and hot water in individual apartments, buildings, and technical premises. The radio modules support control of the reverse water flow. Data recording is possible in three modes: data for each hour, per day, and per month. Reading takes place in an offline mode with ultra-low power consumption and data transmission via LoRaWAN to the server.

Universal interface radio module Jooby OMNI RM 4PU

A device for remote metering and control of gas, water and heat meters with a pulse output. On request, the radio module can be equipped with sensors for reading mechanical meters. Data acquisition is possible from four devices simultaneously. Radio modules allow remote readings from meters located in hard-to-reach places or when it is impossible to physically read the meter due to certain conditions.

MTX multi-tariff meters for electricity metering

MTX multi-tariff electronic electricity meters with a built-in LoRaWAN module for remote data transmission, control and management, and the construction of an automatic control and metering system for electricity. MTX meters allow to measure the consumed active and reactive electricity in AC networks with a rated voltage of 220 V and automatically transmit the readings to the supplier.